Top Tips on Must Have Bachelorette Party Supplies

Top Tips on Must Have Bachelorette Party Supplies

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Every bachelorette party needs essential party supplies that can either spoil the event or promote a great success. Bachelorette’s are supposed to be a once off event for most and should be something to remember for a lifetime. The planners of a bachelorette celebration should ensure that the right supplies are purchased within the budget that has been allocated for the event.

Below are some top bachelorette party supplies to consider:

1.Party Veils for the Bachelorette

This is a popular choice for these types of events, and the veil is a sure way to get the bachelorette to stand out. The rest of the group should try to join in on dressing up and wear glitzy tiaras, wigs or party hats.

2.Naughty Accessories and Party Favors

These accessories can include: sexy type burlesque lingerie, x-rated selections of party favors, blown up dolls and candy necklaces. These accessories make excellent prize and game paraphernalia, turning any bachelorette event into a fun event to remember.

3.Disposable Cameras

It is of utmost importance to capture the fun moments of the party for the bride. Giving each guest a disposable camera will ensure nothing is missed, and the best pictures can be created into a memorable album after the party. The album can be a wonderful wedding gift that the bride will really appreciate for years to come.


Most bachelorette parties will need to include the fun element of a few exciting alcoholic beverages. If the event is held at home fun cocktails and drinks used in drinking games can really liven up the atmosphere.

5.Male Stripper

This is of course an optional choice depending on the bride to be and party guests. The planner should be sure to use the services of a professional company in order to hire the best types of strippers that specialize in these types of parties.

The History and Etiquette on Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette’s became popular in the era of the 1960’s and since then is a widespread accepted ritual. Through the years bachelorettes were and still are planned on the bride’s personality and personal tastes. Bachelorettes are in essence a time for a girly evening, comprising of games, cocktails and carefree fun, especially for the bride.

Tip One

The bachelorette should be solely focused on pleasing the bride; this should translate into choices around the venue of choice. Even the food, drinks and the games and entertainment supplied should be revolved around the brides best interests.

Tip Two

Most bachelorettes should be planned around one month before the actual wedding. Sometimes the bride will indicate when an appropriate time would be for such an event to fit into her wedding plans.

Tip Three

There is a multitude of ways to host the perfect bachelorette party, depending on the budget available there are various options to explore. Some venues that may be of interest will include an intimate gathering at the home of either a bride’s maid or the maid of honor, restaurants or cocktail bars. Even a fun weekend getaway can prove to be one of the best bachelorettes ever.

Planning a bachelorette can be fun and all that is needed is a proper planning and keeping the brides tastes and preferences in mind. It would be advisable to purchase bachelorette party supplies well in advance; there are various party stores online that can help you to obtain ideas on the right supplies for the bride. Remember to keep the supplies within the budget to ensure the party turns out a success that can be enjoyed by all the guests and of course the bride.

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